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A Guide through IFRS® Standards 2016 (Green Book)
A Guide through IFRS Standards 2016 contains the official pronouncements issued by the International Accounting Standards Board (the Board) as at 1 July 2016 with extensive cross-references and other annotations. Includes Standards with an effective date after 1 July 2016 but not the Standards they will replace.

Main changes since 1 July 2015:
  • one revised Standard—IFRS 16 Leases;
  • Clarifications to IFRS 15 Revenue from Contracts with Customers ;
  • Classification and Measurement of Share-based Payment Transactions (Amendments to IFRS 2);
  • Disclosure Initiative (Amendments to IAS 7); and
  • Recognition of Deferred Tax Assets for Unrealised Losses (Amendments to IAS 12).
Added education guidance
This book is particularly useful to those applying, teaching or studying IFRS. Cross-references have been added to help guide readers through the Standards and facilitate their understanding by providing the connection between:
  • related Standards;
  • accompanying Illustrative Examples and Implementation Guidance; and
  • Basis for Conclusions.
In addition, the reasons why the IFRS Interpretations Committee did not add certain items to its agenda (IFRS Interpretations Committee Agenda Decisions) have been included as annotations..

This edition is presented in two volume parts sold together as a set:
- Part A (the Conceptual Framework and requirements) contains the complete and up-to-date consolidated text, with extensive cross-references and other annotations, of IFRS Standards, IAS Standards, and IFRIC and SIC Interpretations; and
- Part B contains the accompanying documents, such as Illustrative Examples, Implementation Guidance, Bases for Conclusions and Dissenting Opinions.

Expected Publication date: mid September 2016

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Publication Due Date: September 2016
ISBN: 978-1-911040-31-6 SET
Product Code: 1923
Price: £98 Register Interest

Español 2016 Normas NIIF® (Libro Rojo) e-Book (una versión electrónica)
Español 2016 Normas NIIF® (Libro Rojo) e-Book (una versión electrónica) - ePUB format.
Pronunciamientos oficiales emitidos a 13 de enero de 2016. Incluye las Normas con fecha de vigencia a partir del 1 de enero de 2016 pero no las Normas a las que sustituirán.

Nuevos requerimientos desde el Libro Rojo de 2015:
Los principales cambios realizados desde el 1 de enero de 2015 son los siguientes:
  • Una nueva Norma—NIIF 16 Arrendamientos ;
  • Cambio de la Fecha de Vigencia de la NIIF 15 ; y
  • Cambio de la Fecha de Vigencia de las Modificaciones a la NIIF 10 y NIC 28.

Esta edición se publica en dos partes:
Parte A (el Marco Conceptual y los requerimientos) contiene las Normas NIIF consolidadas, Normas NIC, Interpretaciones CINIIF y SIC.
Parte B contiene los documentos complementarios, tales como los Ejemplos Ilustrativos, Guías de Implementación, Fundamentos de las Conclusiones y Opiniones en Contrario.
Esta edición no contiene Normas que estén siendo reemplazadas o derogadas, pero que se mantienen aplicables si la entidad que informa decide no adoptar la versión más reciente de forma anticipada. Los usuarios interesados únicamente en el texto consolidado de los pronunciamientos normativos emitidos por el Consejo de Normas Internacionales de Contabilidad exigidos para el ejercicio contable que comienza el 1 de enero de 2016 deben consultar las NIIF 2016 (Libro Azul) publicado en inglés a finales de 2015.
Number of pages: Part A: 1760 and Part B: 3264 pages (total 5,024 approx pages)
To view the eBook on a PC you will need to download the following free software:
Adobe Digital Editions:

Pricing: This e-Book downloadable product is available for purchase for £72.00 for each individual user. No further discounts apply to this product.
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Publication Due Date: September 2016
ISBN: 978-1-911040-29-3
Product Code: 1921
Price: £72 Register Interest

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