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Includes full functionality, all IFRS Standards texts and the unique Standards Comparison tool.

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The completely redesigned eIFRS Professional - features include:

  • Unique Standards Comparison tool highlights changes to Standards from year to year
  • Easy to use, navigate quickly using our intuitive user interface and extensive cross-references
  • Immediate access to the latest authoritative IFRS Standards texts/IASB® publications
  • Every Standard has a homepage, with one-click access to all related documents and translations
  • Powerful search engine, do a simple search and filter results, by book, year, Standard and more
  • Comprehensive official archive from 1975 onwards
  • Easy access to official IFRS Standards Translations in 37 languages
  • IFRS Standards Terminology Tool enables you to search 1,500 key terms in translations
  • eIFRS Standards Web App gives you access via your tablet or smartphone

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Product overview

Product overview

eIFRS Basic

Free Standards (without explanatory material), limited functionality.


Latest additions

14 March 2017

Albanian / 2016
Kuadri Konceptual për Raportimin Financiar

8 March 2017

New and revised Standards / 2017
Klasifikacija i mjerenje plaćanja temeljenog na dionicama (Izmjene i dopune MSFI 2)

New and revised Standards / 2017
Inicijativa za objavljivanje (Izmjene i dopune MRS-a 7)

New and revised Standards / 2017
Priznavanje odgođene porezne imovine za nerealizirane gubitke (Izmjene i dopune MRS 12)

7 March 2017

2017 / Part B
IFRS® Standards 2017 Part B

2017 / Part A
IFRS® Standards 2017 Part A

9 February 2017

New and revised standards / 2016
2014–2016 Кезеңіндегі ХҚЕС (IFRS) Стандарттарының Жылдық Жақсартулары

New and revised standards / 2016
9 ХҚЕС (IFRS) Қаржылық Құралдарды 4 ХҚЕС (IFRS) Сақтандыру Келісімшарттарымен қолдану (4 ХҚЕС (IFRS) түзетулер)

New and revised standards / 2016
ХҚЕСТК® 22 Түсіндірме Шетелдік Валюта Операциялары және Алдын-ала Төлем

New and revised standards / 2016
Акцияға негізделген төлем транзакцияларын сыныптау және бағалау
(2 ХҚЕС (IFRS) өзгертулер)